Resizing the Windows Screen Display

Please note that what follows is specifically a Windows function and technically not part of the DBT application.

All dialog boxes within DBT are fully Windows compliant. Therefore they may be customized to suit individual user preferences through settings in the Windows Control Panel. It is not the goal here to provide lessons in the use of Windows, however the following brief description of changing sizes for screen display may be helpful.

If we look at any dialog box in DBT it may appear under Windows default settings as follows. (Note: the specific DBT dialog shown here is not relevant!)

Image shows the Global: Fonts dialog with default Windows appearance settings

You can tell Windows to enlarge the font size of the text in this dialog to look as follows.

Image shows Global: Fonts screen but with Windows Message Box font set to 14 Point.

To do this under Windows 10, open the Windows Control Panel and select Display. On the dialog that appears, find "Change Size of Items" and select "use these display settings" to open the Settings dialog. This dialog presents several options for enlarging the entire display (slider) or selected text items within it (advanced display settings).

Please use caution:

  1. This is a Windows function, and therefore technical support for this feature is not part of DBT's normal remit.
  2. This will affect the display of all other applications on your system.
  3. Do not make major changes at one time, as this can have unexpected results in what you see on the screen.