What Is in the Help Window

The Topic Viewing pane occupies the large area on the right side of the Help window.

On the left, the Navigation pane has four tabs that display different approaches for finding the information you need:

Contents - works like a traditional table of contents. Topics are grouped by subject. Just click on a topic to view that topic in the right-hand frame.

Index - allows you to search for a specific subject in an alphabetical list. Any topics with that index entry will appear, and you can select which one you want to view.

Search - here you can put in your own search term(s) to find a topic. Matching topics appear below the search box.

Favorites - allows you to add topics you have found which you may want a quick way of coming back to.

Across the top of the window is a set of command icons. From left to right they are:

Hide (Show) - This icon collapses (and opens) the navigation pane.

Locate - This button shows you where the currently displayed topic is found in the Table of Contents.

Back - takes you to the previously viewed topic, if any.

Forward - is only active if you have used Back, and takes you forward again.

Home - returns you to the beginning Help screen.

Print - allows you to print the topic in view.

DBT Web Site - opens up the Duxbury web site inside the topic pane.

Emboss - If you have an embosser configured, this icon allows you to emboss the topic in view. All being well, this button allows you to output the topic to your braille embosser. (You may notice some extraneous text in the output which can be caused by non-standard HTML codes. If you so choose, you can report any such problems to us at: support@duxsys.com.)

Screen reader users, and others interested in keyboard navigation of the online help can find detailed instructions here: Navigating Help.