Term definition for: Encoding

The encoding describes the relationship between the ASCII characters sent to the embosser and the desired braille output. Most people use the North American encoding. For example. in the North American encoding. the "th" sign is represented by a question mark. To produce the word "three" in grade two braille. ?ree is sent to the embosser. Presumably. the embosser is set to the North American encoding. and produces a "th sign" followed by the letters "ree".

Some embossers (such as the Puma) cannot be set to the North American encoding. Some embossers can do the North American encoding plus others. A user could choose to use another encoding if they were using another software application which favored another encoding. If you find that an encoding you desire is not listed. please contact us so we can update our files. Here is the list of encodings we now support:

Click here to see the display.cpt file with these encodings

Click here to see the pumavi.cpt file with the Puma embosser encodings