What is Activation?

Image shows PC monitor with an open padlock in the foregroundActivation unlocks the full-production capability of your Duxbury software. Some Duxbury programs have an evaluation period, and others have a demonstration mode. To go beyond those uses you need to activate your software. To do this the wizard submits your license number to Duxbury Systems, and you receive back an activation code to be entered into your program. The activation code you receive works only with your license and your computer.

Normally you do this in just a few steps, and if you activate over the Internet, sending your request and entering the activation code are all automatic. This is always the recommended way to activate.

A multi-user license allows simultaneous activation on more than one computer. Normally this is done by activating just one computer on your network that then acts as the server to all the other computers on the network. If you have a multi-user license you want to use these two functions on the Main screen:

Generally speaking, activation lasts as long as your Duxbury Software is installed on the computer, or until you yourself decide to terminate it. You can transfer your activation from one computer to another by deactivating on the old machine and activating on the new one.