Deactivation by Telephone

Deactivating by telephone is an infrequently chosen option because it is usually easier to convey the information by email, fax, or - especially - the Internet.

Once you reach this screen your program is deactivated locally, but you need to complete the process to keep your activation privileges from getting lost. Completing the process will allow you to activate again later.

The Deactivate by Telephone page collects and displays the information you need in order to complete deactivation via the telephone. Normally, you should speak with a staff member at Duxbury Systems who can step you through the process. If you cannot contact Duxbury Systems, you have the option to leave a message.

Note, however, if you leave a message, please be very careful to include all the information from this page. Speak clearly, and include your contact information: a phone number, an email address, or a mailing address, so that Duxbury Support can follow up as necessary to complete the deactivation for you.