Set up this Computer to Host the Network License

Note: Network activation of a single server (a.k.a., "hosting the network license") activates all the client machines on the network as well as the server itself. Likewise, deactivation of the server deactivates all of its clients. Activation of a single computer as the server requires leaving that machine running at all times that DBT is to be available on the network.

Network activation begins much like activation of a single computer. Choose internet activation or manual, two-step activation as shown below. (See also Activating this Computer for the common steps in activation.)

Image shows the three radio button options available forobtaining a network activation code.

There are two steps particular to network activation. First, you are requested to specify the number of users who will share this license and the port number this computer will listen on for client activation requests. Normally you should select the default port for this communication (8080). However, you must consult your network administrator or IT department to determine if that is the correct port to use on your network. That port will be already set if the Shared License Service has been installed as part of DBT installation.

Second, in case it has not yet been installed, after activation you are shown the instructions for installing and starting the Shared License Service on this computer. Normally, this would be done during installation if a network installation was planned. However, the reminder and instructions are provided in case this step is yet to be done. Again, if you are not comfortable with running background services and changing settings in the firewall, you should seek help from your network administrator or IT department.