Common Activation Problems

The two most common problems which occur are:


This error means that the system you are attempting to activate, or a computer with the same name, has already been activated. If you see this error, you normally also see this message, “Two different computers on the same license cannot use the same computer/location name.”

If there is another computer that uses your Duxbury license and that has the same name as the current machine, you will get this error. Computers that use the same Duxbury license must have unique names. You will need to give your machine a different name to activate it.

Otherwise, this error can occur if you have upgraded your system in some major way without deactivating DBT first, perhaps by an update to the BIOS or by replacing your hard disk drive. In this case, the system upgrade causes your machine to appear (to the activation process) to be a new machine with the old name. In such cases, you should first uninstall and then reinstall your program. Then you will need to call your dealer to resolve the issue or contact Duxbury to clear your old activation. You can e-mail Duxbury at . Please ensure you include your License Number, Computer Name, and the full details of your problem.


This error normally occurs because a computer system has been "imaged". It is quite common for IT staff technicians to prepare an organization-wide master version of a computer system and copy it onto a number of other computers. However, if your Duxbury program was installed on the master image, the copy protection system will fail when you attempt to activate locally.

The solution is to uninstall your Duxbury program from the local system you are attempting to activate, and reinstall it.

If DBT is needed on more than one computer, you will require multiple single-user licenses or a network license (available on Windows systems). Please, contact Duxbury Systems or your local dealer for more details.