JAWS Scripts

DBT comes with JAWS script files which support JAWS 9 or higher. Please note that these are for English use and now also for Russian use. The JAWS script files for using DBT in Russian were developed by Elita Group.

When launched, DBT checks to see if your JAWS English settings folders have up-to-date copies of the JAWS script files for DBT. If not, it asks for permission to install the English script files supplied with DBT. If you answer yes, it installs them and also makes back-up copies of any files it is replacing. It then asks for permission to restart DBT and then works on compiling the JAWS script files in each version of JAWS on the system. The JAWS script files for using DBT in Russian are not automatically installed at this point. They require manual installation.

JAWS Hot keys in DBT
Important Tips

To hear a more generic reading of braille cells, not based on English context, go to the Global menu, select Internationalization, and set the Braille encoding for Input and Display to, Prefer Unicode patterns for braille display. (This is a Radio Button.)

Also in the Global menu, select Default views, and set the Default font for braille documents - and the font for translated braille line - to Print.

Other features
Using JAWS in the Help Topics

Depending on the key you have defined as your "JawsKey", use JawsKey + F6 for the list of headings in the topic; JawsKey + F7 for the list of links in the topic. You can also use the JAWS Find commands to find specific text in the topic. These commands are JawsKey + Shift + F, then F3 and Shift + F3 to find further occurrences.

You can also use all of the quick navigation keystrokes for web pages. Just a few of these are h to move to the next heading, Shift + h to move to the previous heading, L to move to the next list, greater than to move to the end of the current list.