Scientific Notebook

Scientific Notebook is a popular product in many educational, scientific, and professional settings which produces "LaTeX" files. Scientific Notebook files may be imported into DBT for translation into braille.

A 30-day demonstration version of Scientific Notebook may be obtained from MacKichan Software:


To do mathematics, you can use the combination of Scientific Notebook (SN) and Duxbury's LaTeX importer.

You can create your inkprint mathematics documents, print them out as inkprint or large print as you may require. Then, you can save the file, open your Scientific Notebook LaTeX file in DBT, and translate it to braille.

Here are some examples of math equations followed by the associated braille using Nemeth Code (American math) braille:

Image - A series of three displays ink print with braille maths below.
x^2"+y^3 .k z^=

Image shows second equation in print
#2(x)+3(y+12) .k #3?x/y#(y-6)^2

Image shows third equation in print


Duxbury Systems supports Scientific Notebook 5.5, which is available as a download. The latest version, Scientific Notebook 6, is not compatible with DBT at this time.

Technically, this topic should really not be under "Working with Word" given that Scientific Notebook is a separate editor program that creates its own files. However, as it covers a valuable means of producing mathematical braille, we have placed it here for completeness.