Language Group

The six icons in the Language Group are identical in all four BANA templates.

Language Group

In each case, applying one of the language styles to a piece of text causes the text to be translated according to the rules for that language (as a secondary language within an overall English context).

[F] - French (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+f)

Apply to French text.

[G] - German (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+g)

Apply to German.

[I] - Italian (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+i)

Apply to Italian.

[L] - Latin (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+l)

Apply to Latin.

[S] - Spanish (Alt+Shift+s)

Apply to Spanish.

[x] - Reset (Ctrl+Space)

Reset: (Ctrl+Space): This command ends the character style being entered and returns to the format of the enclosing paragraph style.