Iloko Flag of Philippines

There is only one Template for Iloko: Iloko (Ilokano) - basic

For the details about the DBT translator used by Iloko: click here.

Contracted Braille

Iloko is usually produced in contracted braille. This means that words are not produced in braille on a one-for-one basis. There are abbreviations or contractions in the text. If you have questions about how braille is produced, please contact a member of the relevant braille authority.

Sometimes, you may want to produce uncontracted braille. This is easy to do with DBT. Before translation into braille, go to the top of the document in DBT, and press Alt-1. When you translate into braille, the braille will be uncontracted

Languages of the Philippines

Whether Tagalog and Filipino are two separate languages or not is not an issue. The fact that the two names are both widely used has prompted Duxbury to list both individually. Either choice gives the same heavily contracted system. The other languages are lightly contracted.