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What is New in DBT DBT Win 12.3?

Duxbury Systems continually revises DBT to respond to braille rules changes, make fixes, and to add new features. Below you will find our latest changes since the last release.

For other sources of information, possibly newer than that included here, please take advantage of Check for Updates from the DBT Help menu. Or, visit the Duxbury Website for both new information and historical information about DBT features and updates.

New Braille Embossers

Math Improvements

General Improvements

Language Updates

Language Improvements
Flag Description
Bulgarian Flag Bulgarian: Now uses dots 46 as the caps sign.
Dutch Flag Dutch: Many punctuation problems fixed; capitalization and emphasis modernized per the latest published rules.
French Flag French: Many significant changes; handling of new characters, improved forward and back translation. Notable features are support for emphasis and for mathematics in braille-to-print.
Israeli Flag US Flag Hebrew-American: Now makes a proper transition from Hebrew to UEB in the print-to-braille direction.
Indian Flag Languages of India: Better support for punctuation and dependent / independent vowels in braille-to-print (all languages of India).
Irish Flag Irish: The print-to-braille now includes new shortforms defined in early 2018 and also corrects contraction usage in certain bridging situations.
Italian Flag Italian: Better handling of the period (full stop) and dots 34 in braille-to-print (distinguishing i grave from slash).
Norwegian Flag Norwegian: Better handling of the period (full stop) and some other punctuation characters in braille-to-print translation.
Russian Flag Russian: Now prevents use of the "ae", "ng", and "tc" combined characters, with improved comma handling in braille-to-print.
Spanish Flag Spanish: Fixed two punctuation characters in braille-to-print translation.
Thai Flag Thai: Updated the braille-to-print translation direction to match recent work in print-to-braille.