Installation of DBT Win 12.1 (SR1)

If you are reading this from "DBT Help," there is a very good chance that you have installed DBT already.

However, you may at some later stage wish to make changes, or perhaps re-install to one or more additional systems.

This section therefore provides information on the options available to you as allowed on your operating system.

On Windows, DBT supports these types of installation:

  1. Simple Installation is nearly automatic, and is sufficient for the needs of most users.
  2. Custom Installation allows a greater degree of control over the installation, but in practice should be seldom needed.
  3. Network Installation allows network support personnel to easily install and maintain multiple DBT installations through a network.

To get started, simply choose from the list above the type of installation that fits your needs. Click the link and start reading. If you're unsure which to try, we strongly recommend Simple Installation.

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